The Last Wolf of Scotland



LAST WOLF                

"There are not many books of poetry that can be considered genuinely original and large in scope, even among the disputed ground of 'innovative writing' there is little that is truly groundbreaking. Reading The Last Wolf of Scotland, however, I feel I may have found just that sort of book." - Steven Waling, Review 32, Magma.

"The Last Wolf of Scotland is a hallucinatory road-trip through Scottish and North American history and language, a bizarre and glorious mash-up of multiple iconographies, with 19th century colonists turning up in 18th century epics and 20th century movies. It exhaustively maps a sprawling Scottish imaginary, one both peculiar to the artist and of significant and often-forgotten historical resonance. MacGillivray dissects – or, rather, bloodily explodes – the ways we make national history in myth and language." - Harry Giles, Sidekick Books.